Oracle Bashing IBM

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I'm really starting to look forward to Sun being taken over by Oracle, especially if their current advertising battle is an indication of things to come.

In the on-going battle between Oracle and IBM, comes the latest TPC-C benchmark results which pit a 9 rack Sun/Oracle T5440/F5100 configuration (TPC-C results) against IBM's monster 76 rack POWER 595 (TPC-C results).

Historically Sun has ignored the TPC-C benchmark as it's not really a good indicator of real world use, however IBM hasn't, and they continue to use it. Not for much longer though. Oracle has taken them to task and given them a jolly good hiding.

Joerg Moellenkamp has a great post detailing IBM's reaction to Sun's results and then pulls it apart piece by piece. Joerg wasn't the only one to pick up on these differences, Oracle have jumped at them with this new advert...

oracle bash IBM

Note the final "Building..." comment under the IBM column :-)

If Oracle sticks to its promises, I think IBM are in for a huge battle from the Sun/Oracle company that may come to fruition.

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