Blindly Trusting Heartbleed Tools & Scripts

The Heartbleed OpenSSL issue is pretty serious, but I'm amazed at how many people blindly trust the various "testing" tools out there.

The Apple Logo Bite & Alan Turing

Hee hee, just had an old lady in a coffee shop tell me why there is a bite in the Apple logo. She went with the homage to Alan Turing myth.

Don't Incentivise by Lines of Code

Attention managers of developers: incentivising by lines of code written is a terrible way to evaluate and motivate your developers.

Invite for GitHub's Atom Editor

Github opened up beta testing to the world for their awesome new editor, Atom and I'm here to offer you an invite. I've been using Atom since I started at GitHub and it very quickly replaced Sublime Text (which had already usurped TextMate) as my go-to editor for hacking code....

HP N54L Microserver HDD Screws Are In the Door

I went out especially yesterday to get screws for the drive bays in my new HP N54L microserver. Guess what I've just found in the door?

Been Away from the CLI for Too Long

Aaagh, I've been away from the CLI for too long... I've just had to "man awk" for a simple usage reminder :-(

I am Now a GitHubber

The news is out folks... Colin Seymour is a GitHubber: — GitHub (@github) December 27, 2013 Yup, I've jumped from the corporate world of Oracle to the awesome world of GitHub. No more suits and ties, unless I really want to. Instead, my "uniform" will look more like this......

The Guru Has Left The Building

Well folks, today was my last day - well, actually half day - working for Oracle. I'm off to pastures new. I started working for Sun Microsystems way back in January 2001, stuck through the highs and lows and the Oracle acquisition, but now I must move on. An opportunity...

Docker - A Friendly Interface to Solaris-like Zones on Linux

Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more. — Docker: the Linux container engine It's...

Solaris 11's Bobcat

Here's an interesting little thing a colleague noticed in Solaris 11's pkg verify -v output... $ pkg verify -v library/ncurses PACKAGE STATUS pkg://solaris/library/ncurses OK file: usr/gnu/share/terminfo/b/bobcat Warning: package may contain bobcat! ( $ This is perfectly harmless and only visible when using the -v flag. Seems we have some Solaris...

How to Limit Upgrades Beyond a Prescribed Version of Oracle Solaris

By default pkg update on Solaris 11 will upgrade your system to the latest versions available on the repository your host is referencing. Many customers don't want this and ask how to prevent the latest from being selected. The answer has always been: don't update your repo or create a...

Ditch grep for ack

Just discovered a faster, prettier, simpler and more efficient tool for searching through source code from the command line: ack. It's a simple perl script so can run on any system with Perl 5.8.8 or later installed.

Mac Migration Assistant Is Guessing

OSX Migration Assistant is clearly guessing when it tells me how long it'll take. It's fluctuated between 3 hours & 20 mins so far

Moving Bender in Pure HTML5 & CSS3

This is pretty impressive. Moving Bender from Futurama rendered in pure HTML5 & CSS3: HT @ringmaster

UK's Tech Capital: Wokingham‽

You'll never guess where the UK's tech capital is. Hint: I live & work in it. Yes folks: Wokingham!

Spotify Apps Behind a Proxy

I've finally got Spotify apps working from behind a proxy on my Linux host. I found this solution for Windows & Mac and implemented it on Linux (Ubuntu) by removing the "s" from the end of the network.proxy.addr line in ~/.config/spotify/prefs. Works a treat.

How the Bible and YouTube are Fueling the Next Frontier of Password Cracking

Time to rethink those passphrases you've been using for your passwords... Young joined forces with fellow security researcher Josh Dustin, and the cracking duo quickly settled on trying longer strings of words found online. They started small. They took a single article from USA Today, isolated select phrases, and inputted...

DTraceToolkit 0.XX Mistakes

You learn more from failure than you do success. In this post, I'd like to list my mistakes and failures from versions 0.01 to 0.99 of the DTraceToolkit, as lessons to learn from. — The Wall: DTraceToolkit 0.XX Mistakes Great run down from Brendan Gregg on what he did wrong...

HOWTO Interpret, Understand and Resolve Common pkg(1M) Errors on Solaris 11

Solaris 11 has been out on the market for nigh on two years and it's an absolutely brilliant evolution in the history of Solaris, however I've come to notice one common issue that really shouldn't be an issue at all: the number of calls we're getting from people not being...

CVE-ID Syntax Change

Due to the ever increasing volume of public vulnerability reports, the CVE Editorial Board and MITRE determined that the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) project should change the syntax of its standard vulnerability identifiers so that CVE can track more than 10,000 vulnerabilities in a single year. The old CVE...

FiOS Customer Discovers the Limits of “unlimited” Data: 77TB a Month

Yes, Virginia, there is a limit to what Verizon will let you do with FiOS' "unlimited" data plan. And a California man discovered that limit when he got a phone call from a Verizon representative wanting to know what, exactly, he was doing to create more than 50 terabytes of...

Construction of the Encrypted Password String On Solaris

Ever looked at the password encrypted using an algorithm other than crypt_unix(5) in the /etc/shadow file on Solaris and thought "How is that string constructed?" No? Why not? Well, you will now :-) Lets take a look. Suppose you've got a Solaris 11 system with the default password encryption algorithm...

Why Sun's NIS Will Never Die

While NIS has strikes against it, we also need to take into consideration that it works, and it works well. It's a small, clean service that is easily made redundant, and it ties in easily with just about any flavor of Unix you can find. In a greenfield environment, NIS...

pkgask(1M) Can't Find Interactive Request Script

Here's one that doesn't come up very often, but when it does, it catches people out. In an attempt to automate the installation of Solaris pkgs on Solaris 10 and earlier, people turn to the pkgask(1M) command thinking this is what they need to do. They read the man page...

Twitter Launches Two-factor Authentication

So Twitter announced yesterday that they have now enabled optional two-factor authentication. "Great!" you may think, but think again... it seems Twitter has gone their own way and made it a right PITA to use. Ars Technica summarise it nicely... Like Google's two-factor authentication, Twitter's login verification sends a code...
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