Sort an Array of Strings by Severity in Ruby

I'm a bit of a pedant when it comes to ordering things and today I had the need to sort an array of strings that contain severity levels, in descending order of severity, that is in the order "CRITICAL", "HIGH", "MEDIUM", "LOW".

Using `<details>` on GitHub

This is a cool and incredibly useful little trick I discovered I could use on GitHub today.

My First Pair Programming Session

I've just finished my first pair programming session and I'm really surprised how useful it was and how well it went. With the help of ScreenHero my mentor - who I might add is in the US :us: whilst I'm in the UK :gb: - was instantly seeing my code...

Time to Activate POWER MODE

Nothing says Friday afternoon like activating POWER MODE in Atom and plowing through your last minute commits like you do critters in the RPG game du jour (I'm not a gamer so I have no idea what is on trend at the moment) before the day's out…

@lildude is No Longer a GitHub Enterprise Support Engineer

… cos now I'm an Enterprise Systems Engineer!!!

Cool Weather Report in Your Terminal

I spend so much of my life in my terminal (iTerm2) and have become quite the CLI nerd. Imagine my delight when I discovered I can get a pretty cool looking weather forecast with a single command: curl

Switching to Email-only GitHub Notifications

Before joining GitHub, I'd configured all my GitHub notifications to be email-only. I then joined GitHub and was instantly drowned in notifications. Partly because I now have a lot more GitHub repositories to watch and participate it, but mostly because my on-boarding buddy accidentally set me up watching every single...

Python Moves to GitHub

Great news: another major project - Python - is moving to GitHub!! Not so great news: the substantiation for picking GitHub over GitLab, particularly the first point :disappointed:

Pridify Your GitHub Contributions Graph

I saw this Tweet…

lildude is Now On Jekyll

Just a quicky to say this site is still alive and well. I've just moved it from Habari to Jekyll and will be ironing out a few things over the next few days. Once we're all set I plan to publish details on how I've done it and why.

Octocat Primed

<tap> <tap> <tap> This thing still on? Yup, it is. I know, I've been slacking but joining GitHub has been a whole new adventure I most certainly couldn't have anticipated before joining. One thing is for sure... this past year's work is just about to kick off big time... Watch...

Learning FreeIPA

This afternoon I shall mostly be teaching myself FreeIPA.

How the Guardian uses GitHub to audit GitHub

Consequently, let’s build a bot to audit the membership of our GitHub organisation. But let’s do away with a backing store, because with a little thought GitHub can be our backing store - and let’s build only the most minimal interface, because GitHub can be our interface too. This means...

Blindly Trusting Heartbleed Tools & Scripts

The Heartbleed OpenSSL issue is pretty serious, but I'm amazed at how many people blindly trust the various "testing" tools out there.

The Apple Logo Bite & Alan Turing

Hee hee, just had an old lady in a coffee shop tell me why there is a bite in the Apple logo. She went with the homage to Alan Turing myth.

Don't Incentivise by Lines of Code

Attention managers of developers: incentivising by lines of code written is a terrible way to evaluate and motivate your developers.

Invite for GitHub's Atom Editor

Github opened up beta testing to the world for their awesome new editor, Atom and I'm here to offer you an invite. I've been using Atom since I started at GitHub and it very quickly replaced Sublime Text (which had already usurped TextMate) as my go-to editor for hacking code....

HP N54L Microserver HDD Screws Are In the Door

I went out especially yesterday to get screws for the drive bays in my new HP N54L microserver. Guess what I've just found in the door?

Been Away from the CLI for Too Long

Aaagh, I've been away from the CLI for too long... I've just had to "man awk" for a simple usage reminder :-(

I am Now a GitHubber

The news is out folks... Colin Seymour is a GitHubber: — GitHub (@github) December 27, 2013 Yup, I've jumped from the corporate world of Oracle to the awesome world of GitHub. No more suits and ties, unless I really want to. Instead, my "uniform" will look more like this......

The Guru Has Left The Building

Well folks, today was my last day - well, actually half day - working for Oracle. I'm off to pastures new. I started working for Sun Microsystems way back in January 2001, stuck through the highs and lows and the Oracle acquisition, but now I must move on. An opportunity...

Docker - A Friendly Interface to Solaris-like Zones on Linux

Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more. — Docker: the Linux container engine It's...

Solaris 11's Bobcat

Here's an interesting little thing a colleague noticed in Solaris 11's pkg verify -v output... $ pkg verify -v library/ncurses PACKAGE STATUS pkg://solaris/library/ncurses OK file: usr/gnu/share/terminfo/b/bobcat Warning: package may contain bobcat! ( $ This is perfectly harmless and only visible when using the -v flag. Seems we have some Solaris...

How to Limit Upgrades Beyond a Prescribed Version of Oracle Solaris

By default pkg update on Solaris 11 will upgrade your system to the latest versions available on the repository your host is referencing. Many customers don't want this and ask how to prevent the latest from being selected. The answer has always been: don't update your repo or create a...

Ditch grep for ack

Just discovered a faster, prettier, simpler and more efficient tool for searching through source code from the command line: ack. It's a simple perl script so can run on any system with Perl 5.8.8 or later installed.
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