• This is so me: "Don't spend 6 minutes doing something by hand when you can spend 6 hours failing to automate it." (source)

    • Speeding Up My ZSH Shell

      ZSH has been my shell for well over fifteen years with my configuration framework of choice being prezto for the last eight years of those. In that time, I've tweaked my prompt and configuration as my needs have evolved and as I encountered performance issues, and it's those performance issues that drew me to dig into my ZSH configuration and prompt again.

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    • I’ve spent most of this last week being forced to work in a Windows 10 VM and coming to grips with it as a temporary dev env so it’s quite apt this came onto my radar today. Gonna tinker with these tips next week. ://

    • Listened to one of the best keynotes I’ve ever heard at a tech conference this morning. As soon as the recordings are released, schedule 50min to watch Sandi Metz’s keynote. Factual, moving & inline with a lot of my thoughts as an outsider looking at the US.

    • The early part of this Twitter thread brings back so many fond memories & frustrations from when I worked at Sun Microsystems on a SunRay everyday. Peeps often say Sun was so far ahead of the time they couldn’t sell it so I wasn’t expecting the Google Stadia turn.

    • How earth can you differentiate that many teeny tiny icons on your desktop? I bet you don’t look at them closely at all so stop kidding yourself. 🤣😂

    • Yay! Worked out what was killing my Firefox 58 & 59 performance, especially on GitHub.com pages for some reason… the @okta Secure Web Authentication Plug-in. Disabled it and now I see the pref everyone is talking about.

    • Jeez, I've written some hacky code in the past. Just had my attention to something I wrote three years ago which is clearly a hack that doesn't work as I intended. It appears I realised this at the time but only half-backed out the changes 😊. Interestingly, that hacky code was peer-reviewed and accepted 😁.

    • Forcing myself to use the new, and apparently super-speedy, Firefox for all my desktop browsing starting today to see for myself just how quick it is. I'm also interested to see what the memory and power consumption is like now.

    • You know you've been on call too many times when your wife's SMS tone is the same as your Pagerduty tone and your heart skips a beat every time you hear it.

    • Using Lava Lamps for Security

      If you use the internet, you've almost certainly traversed through Cloudflare's servers at some point in your daily travels. I know I certainly have. What I didn't know, and have since learnt, is they use one of the coolest and most ingenious methods of generating entropy: the wall of lava lamps in the lobby of their San Francisco office.

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    • 'git bisect' is Such a Timesaver

      Today I finally took the time to learn and use git bisect to find the commit that introduced a change in behaviour I wasn't expecting. Oh man, what a timesaver. I had my bad commit within ten steps out of a possible 89 commits. The offending commit wasn't obviously the cause from the commit message either. Can't believe it took me this long, but it'll definitely be coming up often from here on out.

    • Jekyll JSON Feed Plugin

      JSON feed icon Friday afternoon, whilst waiting for some really slow tests and builds to finish, I made a thing. I took the Jekyll Feed Plugin, mangled it and produced the Jekyll JSON Feed plugin so you too can have all the awesomeness of JSON feed on your Jekyll site.

      Thanks to the way the Jekyll Feed plugin is written, and the fact writing and formatting JSON is so easy, it really didn't take long at all.

      All my sites are using this plugin and offering a JSON feed.

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