10 People Who Don't Matter

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Business 2.0 magazine has published a list of 10 people who don't matter in the world of big bucks earners. Their quote for the list... "But as respected as they might be for their past achievements, their best days are behind them". This list includes Linus Torvalds, Steve Ballmer and Jonathan Schwartz.

Hmmm, interesting choice, especially considering everyone of the 50 who matter are influenced by these 3 people in one way or another. They forget that Ballmer currently runs the company which effectively controls the desktop, Torvalds is responsible for the alternative to that desktop monopoly, and Schwartz runs Sun, who are responsible for Java (running on several billion devices) and the hardware and OS on which most of these top execs run a fair chunk of their backend business, and that includes Apple. Yes, even Apple relies on Sun for some part of their backend infrastructure.

Furthermore, Jonathan Schwartz can't be past his prime - he's only just become CEO of Sun, and has yet to show his true colours. I feel he's got a great future guiding the company back into sustained profitability and back to the top where we belong.

It's also interesting how they don't credit the article to one particular author, instead they hide behind the collective "Business 2.0 Magazine staff".


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