Akismet .htaccess Extension

/akismet-htaccess-extension 2006-07-27T11:07:56+01:00

Thus far, this site has been very quiet on the comment/trackback spam front, however my main site has been getting hit by tons of comment spam. I've been using Akismet for some time now and it does a splendid job of catching spam, however I still have to regularily clean out the list of caught spam.

It wasn't long before I started noticing a pattern to the IP addresses posting all this spam, so I looked into modifying my .htaccess to block these guys before they even get the chance to post the comment. Manually doing this is a bit laborious, so I did some investigating and found what looks like the ideal extension... Akismet htaccess Extension.

This is the normal Akismet extension modified to summarise the worst offenders and gives you the option of blocking them via .htaccess without having to manually modify the file. So now the file is updated based on Akismet. What a brilliant idea.

I've been running with this extension for just over a week now (since 22 July 2006) and it's done a splendid job already.

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