Are Indian High Schoolers Manning Your IBM Help Desk?

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India, simply by being such a populous country and having so many technical graduates, does indeed have a wealth of technical talent. What’s not clear, though, is whether this talent is being applied to serve the IT needs of U.S. customers. My belief is that Indian talent is not being used to good effect, at least not at IBM.

I suspect IBM’s customers are being deceived or at least kept in the dark.

Here is my proof: right now IBM is preparing to launch an internal program with the goal of increasing in 2013 the percentage of university graduates working at its Indian Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) to 50 percent. This means that right now most of IBM’s Indian staffers are not college graduates.
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Given my daily experiences, I can almost guarantee this is the case. Lets just say skills and experience are severely lacking.

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