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Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here recently folks. I haven't been completely offline and neglecting this and my other sites, I've just been lacking the motivation to write or get involved due to recent events on the home front.

Sadly, February has been a very tough month for my wife and I: our baby daughter, Lara, unfortunately didn't make it through the open heart surgery she had to undergo in order to rectify two congenital heart defects. I'm not going to go into the details here but if you're interested, I will be posting a series of posts, building up to my daughter's funeral on 12 March, on my main site. Suffice to say we were devastated and completely knocked for six by this, even though we'd known about the heart condition before she was born. The loss of a child is something you really can't prepare yourself for no matter how much forewarning you received.

Oh yes, I'm now officially an Oracle employee. The UK integration date was yesterday and I've been through my "welcome" and "orientation" meetings (what a way to kill 4 hours). We're not quite running as Oracle, but give it a bit of time and you'll hardly notice the difference ;-) .

I've got a todo list of posts and techie things to do as long as my arm, so hopefully some more useful content will be coming soon.

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