Blastwave: What a Shame

/blastwave-what-a-shame 2008-08-08T13:47:03+01:00

If you've popped over to in the last few days you're likely to have encountered this... as of 6 August 2008
(Click for full size)

I don't know the exact reason for this, but if the comments on the various forums, eg comp.unix.solaris, are anything to go by, it's such a shame greed has got the better of a great resource.

I've never been a big fan of Blastwave (too many non-Solaris supplied dependencies for my liking), but I know many other people are fans and use it quite extensively, but hopefully Dennis or Phil Brown will release an official statement explaining what's potting.

Update: Unofficial update from Ben Rockwood (an outsider like the rest of us). Looks like things have got very smelly between Dennis and Phil :-(

Update: The Official Response from Dennis Clarke.

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