CIS Solaris 11 Benchmark v1.0.0

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Need to secure Solaris 11? Check out the CIS Solaris 11 Benchmark...

This document is intended to address the recommended security settings for the Solaris 11 operating system (Solaris 11 OS) running on x86 or SPARC platforms. Specifically, the guidelines included in this document have been designed for and tested against the Solaris 11 11/11 release, updated to the Software Repository Update 5 (SRU5). As of the publication of this document, Solaris 11 11/11 SRU5 is the latest available support update for the Solaris 11 OS. The recommendations included in this document may need to be adjusted for future Solaris 11 updates.
Center for Internet Security :: Security Benchmarks Division :: CIS Solaris 11 Benchmark v1.0.0

Very useful and much better than the "I'll just blindly run SST/JASS and my system will be secure" approach many sysadmins take when securing Solaris.

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