Edging Towards Habari 0.7

/edging-towards-habari-07 2011-02-13T10:12:47+00:00

After a series of developer previews for 0.7 and a lot of bug fixes, Habari is finally on the final furlong towards it's next official release - Habari 0.7.

It hasn't been released yet, however it is now feature frozen so the only changes going in are to fix known bugs and may a bit of tweaking here and there.

If you're running Habari 0.6.x and plan on upgrading to 0.7, I encourage you to take some time to test a clean install and upgrade to the feature frozen nightly snapshot and provide feedback. Before you perform your testing, be sure to read the release notes, especially the first section as it details things that are likely to break when you upgrade.

The release notes provide links to various other pages in the wiki which detail how you need to implement the plugin, theme or other functionality that is likely to break with the upgrade.

If all goes well, we should be releasing Habari 0.7 in the next few weeks.

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