FiOS Customer Discovers the Limits of “unlimited” Data: 77TB a Month

/fios-customer-discovers-the-limits-of-unlimited-data-77tb-a-month 2013-06-07T17:19:39+01:00

Yes, Virginia, there is a limit to what Verizon will let you do with FiOS' "unlimited" data plan. And a California man discovered that limit when he got a phone call from a Verizon representative wanting to know what, exactly, he was doing to create more than 50 terabytes of traffic on average per month—hitting a peak of 77TB in March alone.
FiOS customer discovers the limits of “unlimited” data: 77TB a month | Ars Technica

Impressive for a residential plan, but wait until you see what he does to generate that much traffic. Best bit: he's got two Solaris hosts running ZFS for backups.

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