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FirebugFirebug, or the lack there of, WAS the only thing stopping me from using Firefox 3 on a more permanent basis, especially now it's much faster and integrates better on the Mac and given that Safari seems to be quite selective at what it caches. But not anymore.

With Firebug being such a great tool, I couldn't believe they would take so long to come up with a release that is Firefox 3 compatible, but everytime I fired up Firefox or checked the plugins, there was never a compatible version available.

So instead of relying on the plugin, I thought I'd check out the Firebug website directly and I'm glad I did. Just below the big orange "Install Firebug 1.0" button is the link I was looking for... "Install 1.1 Beta" and a link to the release notes.

A quick scan of the release notes told me everything I wanted to know...

=== General ===
* Supports Firefox 3

A small download and a quick restart later and I had Firebug running in all it's glory on Firefox 3 beta 4. Wooohooo!!!!

I'm still a big fan of Webkit/Safari as I think the Webkit engine is probably a bit better suited to the current internet trends with it's Javascript processing speed, but it's huge caching issue is a bit concerning, and Firefox 3 has come a long way on the Mac now.

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