Google Chrome: A New Open Source Browser

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Google ChromeThe Google engineers have been hard at work in another bid to change the way we work. Today they will be releasing a new open source browser called "Chrome".

As is common with announcements these days, the internet soon got wind of the project when someone at Google clicked the "Send" button just a little too early and sent a comic book by Scott McCloud about their new browser out into the world for all to see.

Google's goal seems to be to release a small, fast and stable browser that is multi-threaded (apparently each tab will run it's own process/thread) and that processes Javascript like a fat kid eats cake. Now if that's true, imagine how the browser would fly on the UltraSparc T2 processors when you've got several windows open, each with well over 10 tabs :-) .

Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be waiting some time before we can find out. Today's release will be Windows only, but they are working on Linux and Mac versions. No news on Solaris though :-( .

You can find more info on Google Chrome from Google themselves and Google Blogoscoped, which includes links to Google Chrome screenshots too.

Update: I've just read the whole comic in full, and if Google manages to pull this off, we're in for an awesome browser. Firefox has got a lot of work cut out for it. Now I wonder how extensible this will be.

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