Growing a ZFS Root Pool

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About a month ago I migrated my Ultra 20's root filesystem from UFS to ZFS using my HOWTO: Migrate a UFS Root Filesystem to ZFS procedure. Today I performed my first live upgrade since, which worked a treat, however now I'm running a bit low on space.

Not for much longer...

Following the live upgrade my root pool is looking a little on the leaner side of how I'd like it:

# zfs list
rootpool               8.51G  1.33G    35K  /rootpool
rootpool/ROOT          7.00G  1.33G    18K  /rootpool/ROOT
rootpool/ROOT/snv_99   6.93G  1.33G  4.23G  /
rootpool/ROOT/snvz_98  71.7M  1.33G  4.08G  /.alt.tmp.b-TM.mnt/
rootpool/dump          1.00G  1.33G  1.00G  -
rootpool/swap           512M  1.54G   297M  -

My rootpool is currently made up of a single 10GB slice which was one of the two slices on the same disk that I used to flip-flop between as I live upgraded the system whilst it was still on UFS.

As I no longer need to do this, thanks to ZFS and the now ZFS aware live upgrade (it uses snapshots and clones), I thought I'd add my now redundant extra slice to the rootpool.

My first thought was: "I'll just run zpool add and add the slice", which I attempted, however ZFS didn't like this idea:

# zpool add -f rootpool c1d0s4
cannot add to 'rootpool': root pool can not have multiple vdevs or separate logs

So I thought: "Well ZFS isn't like UFS in that it doesn't actually lay a filesystem on the entire disk, so in theory if I just change the underlying partitions, they're contiguous, ZFS should pick it up".

Well, I thought they were contiguous. As luck would have it, they were separated by a now redundant swap slice, so I blitzed that and merged the 3 into a single slice, without changing the starting cylinder of my original slice, and rebooted.

Update: As Mr Zog commented, I neglected to say exactly what I did here, so here's what I did when I "blitzed that and merged the 3 into a single slice":

I used format(1M) to repartition the disk by going to format -> [select the disk] -> partition. I then deleted the old swap slice (slice 1) and the slice I was trying to add (slice 4) and grew the original root slice (slice 0) by specifying the new final cylinder (the final cylinder of the old slice 4).

Hey presto!!!

ZFS has detected this and I now have a much larger root pool, and a lot less wasted space on the disk too:

# zfs list
rootpool               8.52G  13.1G    35K  /rootpool
rootpool/ROOT          7.00G  13.1G    18K  /rootpool/ROOT
rootpool/ROOT/snv_99   6.93G  13.1G  4.23G  /
rootpool/ROOT/snvz_98  71.7M  13.1G  4.08G  /.alt.tmp.b-TM.mnt/
rootpool/dump          1.00G  13.1G  1.00G  -
rootpool/swap           512M  13.3G   297M  -

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