Habari is Now on GitHub

/habari-is-now-on-github 2011-07-05T15:00:10+01:00

After a lot of talking - we've been talking about moving off Trac for a very very long time - and a lot of hair pulling and generally bodging things together to keep Trac up and running (thanks Mike and Chris), Habari has finally made the leap across to GitHub.

Great work guys, with special thanks going to Owen for a) finally taking the bull by the horns and ending all the talking about taking action and actually taking action and b) for spending a lot of his time performing the migration of the main Habari repos and currently open tickets from SVN/Trac to GitHub, here and here respectively.

It's been just over a week now since the move took place and other than a few teething problems (I've made a few mistakes getting to grasp with git, GitHub and submodules) everything seems to be going well. More thanks to the guys on #habari (IRC) for helping us git noobs with our questions problems too.

If you're interested in contributing to Habari and are familiar with git and GitHub, you should be right at home: you can now use the same clone, change and pull request method as you use for other GitHub projects. For those who aren't too familiar, you can find a procedure here (this link may move, but I'll hopefully remember to update this post when it does).

This should make contributing to Habari soooo much easier, should ease administration of the code base and tickets so more time can be spent on coding rather than holding the house of cards up and this should also give Habari more exposure.

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