HB Audio Player 1.1

/hb-audio-player-11 2009-09-25T15:57:08+01:00

Thanks to some good feedback and testing by the chaps in the Habari community, I've pushed out a small minor update to my HB Audio Player plugin which fixes some misbehaviour seen when your theme doesn't use a style.css file in the theme's base directory. From now on, HB Audio Player will only show a "Theme Colours" selection tool if it's managed to successfully locate a style.css file in your theme's base directory and it's found some colours in this file.

I've also updated the download filename for the Habari SVN compatible release by using "svn" to indicate the Habari revision instead of "0.7" (as 0.7 doesn't exist yet).

As this is a new release, I’ve closed comments on the 1.0 post. If you encounter any problems, please ensure you update to rev 1.1 and if the problem still exists, leave a comment here.

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