HB-Cumulus 1.2

/hb-cumulus-12 2009-02-11T18:39:13+00:00

I've just pushed out a new revision of HB-Cumulus. This isn't a major update, rather more of a maintenance update in which I've:

  • Updated tagcloud.swf to that provided with WP-Cumulus 1.18, which includes a change that... "Improves mouse detection in transparent mode"
  • Sorted out the documenting of the licensing of the various components
  • Updated directory structure to better separate the 3rd party components and the HB-Cumulus code
  • Tidied up code to adhere closer to the Habari coding standards

You can get the latest revision from the HB-Cumulus project page.

As this is a new release, I've closed comments on the 1.1 post. If you encounter any problems, please ensure you update to rev 1.2 and if the problem still exists, leave a comment here.

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