HB-Cumulus 1.5

/hb-cumulus-15 2009-12-19T17:01:09+00:00

I've just released the next revision of HB-Cumulus - rev 1.5.

This release now takes full advantage of the new tags functionality in the latest Habari SVN code and also now uses SWFObject 2.2 for the embedding in "non-compatibility" (ie the default) mode.

All the other changes are minor and include things like better HTML validation, formatting of the code itself and an update to the tagcloud flash file itself.

Downloads are on the HB-Cumulus project page.

As this is a new release, I've closed comments on the 1.4 post. If you encounter any problems, please ensure you update to rev 1.5 and if the problem still exists, leave a comment here.

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