HOWTO: Patch Solaris 10 Wanboot Miniroot Image

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Details on patching the Solaris wanboot/netinstall miniroot image for jumpstart are a bit scarce as, generally speaking, there should be no reason to patch the wanboot miniroot. However due to various issues with Solaris 10 releases, patching of the miniroot has become necessary.

This post details how to patch the wanboot/netinstall miniroot image.

1. Create just the boot image:

# /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_10/Tools/setup_install_server -b /path/to/boot-dir

2. Patch the boot image:

# PKG_NONABI_SYMLINKS=true patchadd -C /path/to/boot-dir/Solaris/Tools/Boot <patchid>

... where <patchid> is the patch ID, eg 118833-36.

3. Generate the wanboot image:

# cd /path/to/boot-dir/Solaris_10/Tools
# ./setup_install_server -w /path/to/miniroot-dir/ /path/to/tmp-dir

4. Copy miniroot to desired location

# cp /path/to/miniroot-dir/miniroot /var/apache/htdocs/wanboot10/miniroot

You miniroot should now be patched.

Here's the output you can expect to see (it may differ slightly on your system):

# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_10/Tools/
# ./setup_install_server -b /export/s10-boot
Verifying target directory...
Calculating space required for the installation boot image
Copying Solaris_10 Tools hierarchy...
Copying Install Boot Image hierarchy...
Install Server setup complete
# PKG_NONABI_SYMLINKS=true patchadd -C 
/export/s10-boot/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot /var/tmp/118833-36

Executing prePatch script...
Checking installed patches...
Executing prepatch script...
Verifying sufficient filesystem capacity (dry run method)...
Installing patch packages...

Patch 118833-36 has been successfully installed.
See /export/s10-boot/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot/var/sadm/patch/118833-36/log 
for details
Executing postpatch script...
Reboot client to install driver.

Patch packages installed:
[ ... Truncated ... ]
# cd /export/s10-boot/Solaris_10/Tools
# ./setup_install_server -w /export/s10-miniroot /export/s10-tmp
Verifying target directory...
Calculating the required disk space for the Solaris_10 product
Calculating space required for the installation boot image
Copying the CD image to disk...
Copying Install Boot Image hierarchy...
Starting WAN boot Image build
Calculating space required for WAN boot Image
Copying WAN boot Image hierarchy...
819024 blocks
Removing unneeded packages from WAN boot Image hierarchy
Creating the WAN boot Image file
Image size is 349459456 bytes
Copying WAN boot to Image file...
691376 blocks
WAN boot Image creation complete

         The WAN boot Image file has been placed in

         Ensure that you move this file to a location
         accessible to the web server, and that the
         WAN boot configuration file wanboot.conf(4)
         for each WAN boot client contains the entries:

                         where <URL> is an HTTP or HTTPS URL
                         scheme pointing to the location of the
                         WAN boot CGI program

                         where <miniroot> is the path and file
                         name, relative to the web server
                         document directory, of 'miniroot'

         You should also make sure you have initialized
         the key generation process by issuing (once):

                 # /usr/sbin/wanbootutil keygen -m

Install Server setup complete

You may get the following error when running the "setup_install_server -w":

ERROR: The product distribution does not contain
        a product table of contents

This will be due to the lack of .cdtoc in /export/s10-boot. You can copy this directly from the cdrom.

NOTE: If you intend on applying the kernel patch (118833-36), please be sure to read note #78 in the README (you do read the READMEs don't you?).

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