I Learnt the Logic Behind The Numeronyms g11n and i18n Today

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I learnt something new today. I learnt the logic behind the numeronyms g11n and i18n as used when referring to locales and languages in the world of computing.

g11n = globalisation (I speak the Queen's English as taught in colonial Africa so it's with an s)
g = the first letter of globalisation
n = the last letter of globalisation
... and there are 11 other letters between the two, which conveniently solves the problem of spelling it incorrectly with a z and correctly with an s ;-) .

The same thing applies to i11n...

i11n = internationalisation
i = the first letter of internationalisation
n = the last letter of internationalisation
... and there are 18 letters between the two.

Simple yet so logical. Surprised it's taken me this long to learn it, especially considering DEC coined the i11n numeronym back in '70s or '80s according to Wikipedia.

I've just accepted these terms without looking them up. Will need to look into any other odd ones I encounter now.

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