Interesting Links for 21 Apr 2011 - 16 Aug 2011

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  • Thank you Joyent! - Some very useful contributions made to Illumos by Joyent. Pity Sun wasn't quite so accepting of changes in the past. There are some really useful changes here that really should be in Solaris. Who knows, maybe they'll be incorporated one day.
  • The Cloud is not a Silver Bullet – - A great explanation as to why the recent Amazon outage affected so many sites. In short: bad planning by the sites that used Amazon's services.
  • The Usability of Passwords (by @baekdal) #tips - A good discussion on the use of easy to remember passwords being as secure as complex passwords without the unnecessary agro of trying to type the complex passwords.
  • End of Feature Notices for Oracle Solaris 11 Express - Take note of this list of EOLd features when considering upgrading to Solaris 11 Express, especially for older SPARC machines.
  • The Observation Deck » KVM on illumos - This is pretty impressive and something I think would be great in Solaris itself. I've downloaded the ISO. Time to get playing.

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