Atom EditorGithub opened up beta testing to the world for their awesome new editor, Atom and I'm here to offer you an invite.

I've been using Atom since I started at GitHub and it very quickly replaced Sublime Text (which had already usurped TextMate) as my go-to editor for hacking code. I use it for everything from PHP, Markdown, CSS, Ruby, Javascript and even plaintext (because I can :-) ).

So why would you switch from Sublime Text or TextMate to Atom? Well, because it's much faster in my eyes, but more importantly much easier to customise and enhance. I know Javascript and CSS/Less and I'm learning CoffeeScript so I have all the skills and tools I need to customise and mould Atom to my tastes. And if I want to share those with the world, I can package up my enhancements and easily share them with the world. This is much easier than doing the same thing with Sublime or TextMate.

So what are you waiting for? Want and invite? Tweet me your email address and I'll send you an invite.

PS. It's Mac only at the mo, but a Linux and Windows version will be available soon.