It's Firefox 3 Download Day

/its-firefox-3-download-day 2008-06-17T11:51:30+01:00

Download Day - English

I hope you haven't forgotten: Today is Firefox 3 download day. Head on over and download Firefox 3 for your platform and be a part of history. Help set the new world record for the most downloads in one day.

As of 10am US PDT (18:00 GMT/UTC) you can grab your downloads from, and there should be a Solaris version available too.

Update: I've just heard on the internal aliases that there won't be a Solaris/OpenSolaris build available or included in the world record stats. Apparently it's got to do with some strict restrictions by Guinness. I suspect it's probably because the Solaris/OpenSolaris builds are contributed builds, not official builds.

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