Links for 14 Oct 2008 - 1 Nov 2008

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Links of interest for 14 Oct 2008 - 1 Nov 2008:

  • Multicore Bollocks - Hmmm, for someone who's head of Microsoft Research in Cambridge, he certainly talks a load of old cobblers about multicore CPUs.
  • Why RAID 5 stops working in 2009 - Sounds like there will be more need for ZFS then, that's why Sun are working on some awesome storage products coming to market very soon. Watch this space.
  • Anatomy of an attack: The New York Times on Solaris - Blowing that NYT and Computerworld article to pieces in an analytical manner. Good read, regardless of which side of the Linux/Solaris fence you sit.
  • ZFS Snapshot Visualization in Gnome - Can you say "Time Machine for Solaris"? This is pretty much what this is, just without the fancy 3D space effect so will actually be more useful in things like simple dev work.
  • Why I like Solaris - A great write up on a preference for Solaris over Linux.

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