Links for 25 Mar 2009 - 2 Apr 2009

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Links of interest for 25 Mar 2009 - 2 Apr 2009:

  • Toshiba OpenSolaris Laptops - You can now get your hands on the much touted Opensolaris Toshiba laptops. Sadly, it#039;s US only at the mo with UK availability expected sometime in May 2009. I guess I#039;ll have to wait a bit, but it#039;ll be good to start hearing the reviews to see how these things run.
  • Accelerated Patching of Zoned Systems - Woohooo!!!! Patching of systems with zones is about to get a lot quicker. Jeff provides some good data here just to whet your appetite in anticipation of the quot;Zones Parallel Patchingquot; (ZPP) patch.
  • PackageManager for 2009.06 - Some good improvements coming to the pkg manager in the next release of OpenSolaris.
  • The ChrootDirectory option resynced to SunSSH - After a lot of demanding, SunSSH has finally got the OpenSSH chrootdirectory functionality as of snv_112. Not sure if this will be backported though. Time will tell.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.1 Now Available for Solaris 10 x86 - It took long enough. Now Adobe just need to get some parity between the SPARC and x86 releases.

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