Links for 3 Jun 2009 - 14 Jul 2009

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Links of interest for 3 Jun 2009 - 14 Jul 2009:

  • "Is Oracle getting ready to kill OpenSolaris?" FUD - Thankfully someone's being sensible about the FUD that made it's way into the news this week. Oracle is not going to kill OpenSolaris.
  • Oracle's Virtualization Gold Mine - Looks like Oracle is counting on Virtualization big time. Time will tell what they do with all their net technology.
  • Microsoft will soon unveil free anti-virus software - Kind of ironic, yet potentially a brilliant business plan: you produce some software that becomes an easy target for viruses, then release your own anti-virus. It'll be free today, but who knows what will happen in the future.
  • ARM Platform Port at - Cool. OpenSolaris for ARM procs. If ARM netbooks pick up as Google is anticipating, we could find OpenSolaris as one of the runners in the choices of OS.
  • Watch Video…without Flash - I've been waiting for this for a long long time. Finally video, and other fancy stuff, coming to a browser near you WITHOUT the need for 3rd party plugins. At the moment, only Firefox 3.5 beta has support, but other browsers will follow suit.

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