Links for 9 April 2007 - 13 April 2007

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Links of interest for 9 April 2007 - 13 April 2007:

  • Google Summer of Code - Accepted student applications for Google Summer of Code have been announced! They've accepted over 900 student applicants from a pool of nearly 6,200 applications.
  • Sun Acquires Java-based Mobile Phone OS - Oooh, maybe Sun will be jumping on the iPhone clone bandwagon. I doubt it though. I do think we could be seeing some really cool mobile phones and apps coming though.
  • ZFS on FUSE/Linux - OpenSolaris, Solaris, FreeBSD and soon Mac OS X and now even Linux is looking ZFS. If this a sign of a truely magnificent filesystem?
  • Rock Has Arrived - Well, it officially exists - Sun's next processor code named Rock. This is going to be a beasty and will certainly change computing. Check out the two pics on Jonathan's Blog
  • Top 10 Firefox Extensions to Avoid - Useful list, and removing the few I had on this list seemed to have improved my browsing experience. Only one more I'd add - Stumbleupon. If you're using this, you have far too much free time.
  • Gaim is now Pidgin - It seems unbeknown to us all, AOL have been pushing their weight about a bit. So, to keep them happy, GAIM has been renamed Pidgin. I'll have to go and change all my compile notes now, but I'll wait for 2.0.0 to be released.

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