Links for 9 Mar 2010 - 21 Apr 2010

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Links of interest for 9 Mar 2010 - 21 Apr 2010:

  • C language inventor spurns Google's language exam - Hey, maybe Google has a point, maybe Ken's gone crazy and forgotten everything, but highly unlikely.
  • Apache Foundation Hit by Targeted XSS Attack - Wow!! What a detailed account of what happened. It's quite refreshing to see such an open account of a system hack.
  • Nobody Killed OpenSolaris — Stop the FUD! - Nice to see someone outside of Sun/Oracle is actually seeing sense.
  • Multicore requires OS rework, Windows architect advises - Errmm, I must be missing something here: doesn't Solaris already do the best job at handling multicore and multiple CPUs of all operating systems? Maybe it's a Windows and Linux thing as I know these operating systems don't scale very well above a certain point, regardless of the number of CPUs/cores you throw at the problem.
  • What to expect from HTML5 - I'm looking forward to the HTML5 standard being finally ratified and completely supported by all the major browsers. I'm slowly moving all my sites across to using HTML5, but can't just in whole-hog yet as not all browsers support some of the functionality I want to use. Lets hope they ratify this quicker than XHTML2 (what's that?)

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