Links for 9 May 2007 - 13 May 2007

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Links of interest for 9 May 2007 - 13 May 2007:

  • About Project Indiana - Oooo, so that's what Project Indiana is all about. Pity we heard about it from the press first. That said, it sounds like Ian's got his head screwed on right and this'll really drive OpenSolaris adoption.
  • Experts scramble to quash IPv6 flaw - Ooops. A slight over sight here.
  • Sun hopes for Linux-like Solaris - Not the most accurate of articles, but it does raise a valid point.
  • DTrace for Ruby is Available - Cool!! I can see Ruby evolving and improving dramatically now. As soon as someone hits a Ruby performance issue or bug, they can Dtrace it and see where it's failing. I think I better learn Ruby ASAP
  • The bulk of Java is Open Sourced - Nearly all of Java is now freely available under the GPLv2. The only bits that's aren't are those that Sun doesn't have enough rights over to release.

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