Mapping Sun Keyboard Shortcuts in Opera

/mapping-sun-keyboard-shortcuts-in-opera 2008-09-29T15:45:59+01:00

It's been a while since I last ran Opera on Solaris and there have been a lot of changes, so I thought I'd take if for a spin.

Well, so far so good. The performance is pretty impressive, even when compared to Firefox 3, however it's still early days yet, so I can't say if it'll suit my needs entirely.

Anyway, one thing that annoyed me straight away is Opera doesn't acknowledge the Sun Type 5, Type 6 and Type 7 keyboard copy, paste, cut shortcut keys. It doesn't take the settings from the windowing environment and there isn't any documentation that I can find on how to assign them.

So I did some investigating and worked it out. Opera treats all the keys down the left hand side of the Sun Type [567] keyboards as F-keys starting with F11 through to F20. So the Stop key is F11, the Again key is F12, the Props key is F13, etc etc.

Once I worked that out, it was just a matter of going to Preferences -> Advanced -> Shortcuts -> <select a layout> -> Edit and creating a new shortcut for all the keys I wanted to use and assign the appropriate shortcut and action. I'm only really interested in the Copy, Paste and Cut keys, so I created the appropriate shortcuts and assigned the shortcuts of F16, F18 and F20 respectively.

One up for my productivity, hopefully this will help someone else who ventures in the world of Opera on Solaris.

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