Moving to TextDrive

/moving-to-textdrive 2006-11-03T09:15:10+00:00

I've had enough of the crap performance, poor customer service, incompetent technical staff and childish forum administrators over at Site5, so I've decided to cut my losses and move over to TextDrive.

I think TextDrive will suit my needs more and it's run by a professional team of techies who seem to know how to treat their customers and run a business. And from the look of the forums, it seems most of the customers are technically competent too. There's even an added bonus, everything will be running on Solaris/OpenSolaris soon - even the shared hosting. Brilliant!!!

I'm impressed with the service already. I placed my order at about 7pm last night and within an hour I received my confirmation email with my login details. When I registered with Site5 originally, it took about 8 hours to get a response.

Now to start transferring all my data.

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