New Direction for Sun Security Blog

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The Sun Security Blog has been running for some time, however it didn't really have much content other than regular updates of new security alerts. Well, not anymore.

Following a lot of internal discussion following the infamous telnetd issue that occurred a couple of months ago, it has been decided to actually use this blog for more security related information. From the recent posting about the forth coming changes:

In addition, here at we hope to provide a point of consolidation, where people can find postings and feeds pertinent to their preferred topics - Security Alerts, Tips, New Products, Announcements of "Pertinent Stuff" internal and external to Sun - where you can find personally written content with a high signal-to-noise ratio, and where you can have conversations through comments, cross-linking, providing the immediacy which is a cornerstone of the modern web.

There are also plans for better integration with Soon we'll have a one-stop shot for security related information. Whilst most of it will be pertinent to Solaris/OpenSolaris, if it's anything like the internal security alias, there'll be a lot that isn't directly related too.

If you're interested in security, particularly to do with Solaris/OpenSolaris, then be sure to pop by regularly, or just subscribe to the feed.

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