New Solaris Installer Now Generally Available

/new-solaris-installer-now-generally-available 2007-08-21T11:57:25+01:00

Last month I discussed the forth coming new Solaris installer. Well, you can now get your hands on it, see what it looks like, test it to all buggery and feed back your comments, suggestions and problems, all without having to do the hard work of compiling the code yourself.

The new installer is part of SNV build 70 which made it's way onto the public servers over the weekend. Get downloading and have a play.

Whilst you're in the process of downloading, check out Dave Miner's 'Try Out the "Dwarf Caiman" Installer' post. It provides a lot more detail on what you can expect from the new installer, and where and how you can make suggestions etc. Please keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the new installer project - it's still evolving, and will have limitations.

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