No GPLv3 OpenSolaris, For Now

/no-gplv3-opensolaris-for-now 2007-02-15T21:02:55+00:00

It's final. OpenSolaris will NOT be dual licensed under the GPLv3, for now. The OGB have announced all efforts have been shelved and will not be considered again until at least 6 months AFTER the GPLv3 has been published and approved.

The announcement finishes off nicely with:

Further discussion on GPL* is merely a diversion and distraction that should be discouraged, so as to allow the community to concentrate on the higher priority action items - especially those that will improve developer mindshare.

This is obviously only referring to discussions on the OpenSolaris forums, but I guarantee, despite the OGB's announcement, this will still be a hot topic of debate and will crop up numerous more times on Slashdot and the likes.

For a good "illumination" on the topic, check out Illuminata's Perspective.

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