OpenSolaris on Distrowatch

/opensolaris-on-distrowatch 2009-01-12T09:08:44+00:00

There's nothing particularly surprising about seeing OpenSolaris being mentioned on DistroWatch, but I did have a random thought: I wonder how high up the "Page Hit Ranking" ranking table we could get OpenSolaris if everyone added a promo link (visit OpenSolaris on DistroWatch) to a blog post, and paid a visit themselves.

At the time of writing, OpenSolaris currently has the following rankings:

  • 7 days: 32nd
  • 30 days: 29th
  • 3 months: 19th
  • 6 months: 23rd
  • 12 months: 29th

I know DistroWatch isn't the be all and end all of OS rankings (it's also a bit of a drab looking site), but it does get a feature in some Linux magazines like Linux Format here in the UK and it would be great to see OpenSolaris in the top 10 one month (if not every month).

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