Oracle Solaris 11.1 Now Available for Download & Update

/oracle-solaris-111-now-available-for-download-update 2012-10-25T16:45:59+01:00

Oracle Solaris 11.1 is now available for download -- as detailed earlier, this update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 provides new enhancements for enterprise cloud computing. Security, network, and provisioning advances, in addition to significant new performance features, make an already great release even better.
Oracle Solaris 11.1 Now Available; Learn More About It at November 7th Webcast (Oracle Solaris)

I've just checked the official Oracle release repo, and sure enough it shows Solaris 11.1 is now available for updating your systems.

Oh yes, and if you're already running Solaris 11, the upgrade from Solaris 11.0 to Solaris 11.1 is a simple 3 command process:

# pkg update package/pkg
# pkg update --accept --be-name solaris11.1
# shutdown -y 0 -i6

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