Outage This Morning

/outage-this-morning 2006-08-03T16:33:40+01:00

Lets just say, I'm pissed with Site5 support, or lack there of, today.

At about 8:45 this morning, I was attempting to work out why the performance on my sites has been shite recently (looks like I'm not the only one experiencing the issue) when the MySQL database keeled over.

I normally consider myself quite patient, so I gave it 15 minutes for the problem to be noticed and rectified - I mean, if you're offering a hosting service, surely you're actually monitoring all the services, and not just providing a pretty page to keep users happy.

Well, I was wrong...

So I did the next logical thing and logged a "critical" service ticket. Critical is the highest priority and I thought it appropriate for the issue - MySQL is down and this will most definitely affecting a lot of people.

Now when you think "critical", you think "emergency", "act quick" etc etc. Not Site5. 6 hours later and my service ticket still hasn't actually had a response (other than the auto-response). The MySQL database is back up now, however I suspect that's probably due to my bitching on the support forums about 10 minutes before it was rectified.

What's pisses me off more is the forum thread I commented on has just disappeared. Why? Just because the thread's gone, doesn't mean the problem never existed. Are Site5 trying to hide something?

Now Site5 have been commenting on the forums letting people know that they are in the process or switching ticketing systems, so there may be a delay as the support bods have to use two systems, but surely a "critical" issue has some sort of priority, else these guys wouldn't have bothered giving us the option.

Unfortunately, the poor performance and crap response to support queries is seriously affecting my perception of Site5. They were very good at first, server performance was blinding, support response was awesome, but things have changed. They're slacking and it's seriously affecting my decision to stick with Site5 or not, when I come to renew my hosting.

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