Python Moves to GitHub

/python-moves-to-github 2016-01-03T11:19:52+00:00

Great news: another major project - Python - is moving to GitHub!! Not so great news: the substantiation for picking GitHub over GitLab, particularly the first point ๐Ÿ˜ž

I don't think this will be a shock to anyone who has followed the discussion on this list. The decision is essentially based on:

  1. No major distinguishing features between GitHub or GitLab
  2. Familiarity amongst core devs โ€“ and external contributors โ€“ with GitHub
  3. Guido prefers GitHub

Neither platform had some mind-blowing feature(s) that really made them stand out from each other such that it would greatly simplify our lives if we chose one platform over another. I obviously was really hoping there was going to be something I missed, but nothing ever came up (and no, being open source is not enough of a feature; as I said when I started this process, being open source would help break ties or minor lead of one tool but not be a deciding factor).

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