Solaris 10 10/08 (aka Update 6) is Now Available

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Sun managed to only just get Solaris 10 10/08 out in time to still call it the 10/08 release. It was released to the public yesterday and is available for download now.

So why do you want this release? Well for a lot of good reasons. I'm not going to list them all as the Solaris 10 10/08 release notes do that job, but instead I'll highlight some of the features I think are great/useful/long coming:

  • ZFS Root filesystems - see my HOWTO: Migrate a UFS Root Filesystem to ZFS post
  • ZFS failmode property - wait, continue or panic in case of catastrophic pool failure. This is very useful for systems which use only a single SAN LUN for all ZFS storage. Now your system will only panic if you want it to.
  • ZFS Hot-Plug support - hands-free disk auto-replacement
  • ZFS GZIP compression - for those who need even better compression, but don't mind the slight speed impact
  • Zones Update on Attach - now you can update (can't "down-date") a zone to the OS patch/release of the host it's being attached to. Can also use this to migrate between sun4u and sun4v archs.
  • Ability to Set Default Router in Shared-IP Zone - this one has been demanded for a long time
  • x86: New GRUB findroot Command - now you can ludelete the first boot env that holds GRUB

There are a lot more new things and a lot more enhancements too. As I said above, check the release notes for all the details and then get updating, using Live Upgrade naturally.

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