SS7000 Simulator On Virtualbox

/ss7000-simulator-on-virtualbox 2009-05-07T11:32:40+01:00

SS7000 Simulator Running in VirtualboxThe Sun Storage 7000 simulator has just been updated to reflect the changes introduced in the 2009.Q2.0.0 release of the "firmware" and at the same time a Virtualbox image of the simulator has been released (get it here)

I've been waiting for this for a while as I don't have VMWare and didn't really want to go that route considering Virtualbox is just as good, if not better (I have to say that ;-) ). Anyway, thanks to Virtualbox's new ability to support OVF and host-only networking (as of 2.2.2), a simulator image for Virtualbox is possible.

I've not played with it much, yet, but the simulated setup of the appliance is amazingly simple. It's no wonder it's the "faster ever ramping product in Sun's storage product portfolio".

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