Sun Device Detection Tool 1.1

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I'd not heard about the Sun Device Detection Tool until I saw this post on Dennis Clarke's (of Blastwave fame) blog.

Now this is just what Solaris needs in order to help drive adoption. A tool that will analyse your system and tell you if Solaris has device drivers for all the components it's found. Brilliant!!! I've not heard of a similar tool for Linux distros.

Before we get to the pretty screenshot, a quick quote from the project page, just to give you an idea of what this does:

Device Detection Tool is a cross-platform device driver detection tool. It provides a method for users to check their device driver availability on Solaris system.

For Linux and Windows users, this tool contributes to confirm the feasibility of adopting Solaris system. As to those Solaris users who are confused by is covering some out of gear devices, this tool can help them find out whether they need new drivers, or the devices are not supported by Solaris OS.

As Dennis and the project page point out, there is no source available yet, but give it some time. Until then, why don't you run it on a spare host or two to check the feasibility of running Solaris or OpenSolaris on it. Then, go find me a similar tool that does the same thing for your favourite Linux distro :-) .

Here's the screenshot of the report from my system...

Screenshot of Sun Device Detection Tool 1.1

Nothing here is particularly surprising considering my system is an Sun Ultra 20.

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