Sun Stockholders Approve Oracle Merger

/sun-stockholders-approve-oracle-merger 2009-07-16T19:50:37+01:00

It's a sad day in the history of Sun Microsystems...

SANTA CLARA, CA July 16, 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA) announced that at a special meeting of stockholders held on July 16, 2009, its stockholders adopted the merger agreement entered into with Oracle Corporation, under which Oracle will acquire Sun common stock for $9.50 per share in cash. Approximately 62% of the shares of Sun common stock outstanding as of the record date for the meeting voted to adopt the agreement. (Source)

As a result of this, Sun Microsystems will be removed from the NASDAQ-100 tomorrow, but will continue to trade on the NASDAQ until the merge is finalised, which is likely to happen pending some major unknown event of regulatory intervention.

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