Switching to Email-only GitHub Notifications

/switching-to-email-only-github-notifications 2016-01-08T16:21:34+00:00

Before joining GitHub, I'd configured all my GitHub notifications to be email-only. I then joined GitHub and was instantly drowned in notifications. Partly because I now have a lot more GitHub repositories to watch and participate it, but mostly because my on-boarding buddy accidentally set me up watching every single github/* repository. Whoops!

The quickest solution at the time was to disable email notifications for everything except "Participating" and switch to web-only whilst I whittled down the list of repositories I watch. I believe I've now got a perfect balance, however now I'm finding I'm missing out on things because I get to them too late as I rarely check my web notifications.

So as of today, I've disabled all web notifications and will be relying solely on email notifications.

My thinking is I should be able to respond in a more timely manner than before and not miss out on things I really don't want to. I can also use Google's Inbox functionality to remind me of those notifications I want to come back to at a later date.

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