Toshiba To ship OpenSolaris

/toshiba-to-ship-opensolaris 2008-12-29T21:44:57+00:00

I'm quite excited about the recent news of Toshiba's agreement to ship OpenSolaris. This can only help expand the usage of OpenSolaris in the business community with Toshiba being one of the laptops of choice in this market.

One thing I really hope that is implemented into OpenSolaris is the tablet functionality, specifically the screen rotate and handwriting recognition functionality that I'm using to write this post - I've just discovered this whilst playing with the wife's Toshiba laptop (sadly running Windows Vista) and I think this is really cool and definitely something I'd love to see is OpenSolaris.

I have no idea what tablet support there is in Linux, but I suspect it's a lot more than there is in OpenSolaris. I hope this changes PDQ.

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