Upgrade OpenSolaris to Solaris 11 Express

/upgrade-opensolaris-to-solaris-11-express 2010-11-17T11:26:09+00:00

One question that is bound to cross people's minds now Solaris 11 Express is out:

Can I upgrade my current OpenSolaris and OpenSolaris development hosts to Solaris 11 Express?

Yes you can, and it's even documented in the release notes. For the initiated, it's a simple matter of ensuring you're running the latest and greatest build of OpenSolaris (if not, pkg image-update), changing your preferred publisher to point to the new Solaris 11 repository, and then perform another pkg image-update.

The docs don't mention this, but you may, at some point, be prompted to independently update the "pkg" pkg. Once updated, the rest is easy peasy. And thanks to IPS and ZFS, if something goes wrong, you can still boot from your old boot environment.

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