Welcome To My Tech Stuff

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Welcome to my new blog. After causing people to glaze over and start uncontrollably rocking and sucking their thumbs following a bit of technical diatribe, I've decided to start posting all my technical posts and articles on a completely seperate blog (this one) and leave my original for other random non-technical stuff.

If you're interested in the background bit - this site has been built, once again, with Wordpress and I'm using a heavily customised version of the Unsleepable theme. One of the big changes I've made is I've made it a flexible/fluid layout, so the content should adjust quite happily to browser resizes.

I'm still tuning and tweaking here and there, improving performance and have a bit more functionality to add, so sit back, subscribe and enjoy. I've got a fair few articles up my sleeve, so watch this space.

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