SXDE 9/07 Now Available

/sxde-907-now-available 2007-09-25T20:13:02+01:00

The latest release of Solaris Express Developer Edition (9/07) is now available, and it's a marked improvement over the previous release.

This release includes all the latest tools and technologies from Sun that any developer could want for developing C, C++, Java apps and even Web 2.0 applications. And best of all, it's all nicely bundled together for easy use.

Some of the major highlights include: the new installer I mentioned before, an upgrade to Gnome 2.18, D-Light: a GUI DTrace tool that simplifies using DTrace and a whole lot of other application updates. Check out the full list on the SXDE page.

Now for something that's not been available before - you can now also purchase a Solaris Subscription that covers basic installation and configuration support for those who are considering rolling out SXDE in a production environment, but can't wait for Solaris 10 to catch up.

If you're curious, or are an application developer, regardless of whether it's C, C++, Java or one of the myriad of Web 2.0 technologies, or you're just anxious to see what Project Indiana may look like, get your hands on a copy of SXDE 9/07 now.

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